Day 3

So I have made my picks for the day early after doing some simple research.





LDCD v Nip

Titan v Fnatic – Lost big on this

Epsilon v Fnatic

Epsilon v NiP

Fnatic v LDLC

Ended -$29

Overall +$44


Getting back into esports

So I decided to start betting on eSports just yesterday, and made something like $90, betting on Starcraft 2 and CS:GO.

So I started with $300, and lets see how we go along the way.

Day 1. 13 Bet, 9-4 +$90

Day 2 Starts here!

Today, I started off with a lost after a bet on Bunny v Hatstem (1:4).

Didn’t expect such good PvT, and Bunny was just hopless with his drops and engagements to be honest.

Banking on NiP to take VP (CS:GO), as although NiP seems to be in a slump, I don’t think NiP warrants such good odds on them. VP has tendencies to blow up on themselves and without a good AWPer on their team, NiP might just edge this one out.

Current standing after 14 bets, 9-5 (W-L) +42.78 [Pending bets on NiP v VP ] -WON

Not a great end to the day.

14 Bets, 5-9, –$20 for the day. [Overall: +$73]

Lost a big bet on NiP v Titan, just because i doubted myself, and the odds on NiP were just too good, where their stats on inferno were pretty good as well, and picked up form with a win against VP. Should have just placed a smaller bet. Think I took too many gambles today which is actually pretty bad.

Gonna have to finish up some school work, and do my research on the GSL finals before making a wager.



27 bets, 1413 [pending 1 crazy parley on DotA games]

A little intro


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Hey guys. This is HT Lee. I’ve recently joined ESFI World as a Starcraft 2 reporter, and  was fortunate enough to be able to attend IEM Singapore in 2012,
I played Starcraft during the good old days of using a dial up modem but wasn’t any good at all and stopped after a couple of months.My interest for Starcraft 2 sparked when one of my friends asked me to watch the GSL and hooked ever since.
I’ve represented Singapore in Table-Tennis, and the highlight of that would be taking part in the 2006 Commonwealth Games held in Melbourne.